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  14. "And we want our jobs back."
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  24. maybe he ll have to retire undefeated and go to the Hall of Fame
  25. Museum of Art and History Curator of Collections Marla Novo
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  59. Hometown Crier
  60. Prescott's twitter profile had three pictures of him and his mother
  61. as she herself sat out the 2011-12 season.
  62. LSU kind of guys
  63. As a guy who enjoys reading a bar menu at Happy Hour
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  68. Saturday
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  83. or is this sweat-drenched practice too good to be true
  84. I thought
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  87. when it is completed in 2016.
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  89. who was working at the Ann Taylor Loft store
  90. talking up a fight. It was a necessary ritual that Roach
  91. Philippines
  92. D-Conn.
  93. we still don't know what he intends to do about Tara
  94. music teacher at Mountain Brook Elementary School
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  96. the highest honor the U.S. bestows on civilians
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